A few words about me. In 2004 I’ve discover SAP R/3 as user. Soon, I become a superuser into logistic field. Basically, I keep a strong watch over SAP on stock, purchasing, sales, production, quality management and warehouse management for a multinational company.

Soon after that, in 2007, I made the next step, and I became SAP consultant for one of the biggest and greatest SAP partners in the world. And since then, I kept working in SAP field.

All my career, I’ve worked (until now) with all technologies provided by SAP, starting with SAP R/3 4.6 and until SAP ERP 6.0.

I’ve started this website having in mind the user experience. All over the world, right now, there are over 4 millions SAP users and, correct me if I am wrong, no dedicated website which may help them in their experience. There are tons of internet sites with a strong focus on SAP consultants (and, believe me, they do a great job), but not even one with a focus on SAP user.

Basically, SAP user experience is based only on manuals and procedures provided by the implementation company or helpdesk guys. But those are better or not, so, let’s try to provide a good info source for those who bassicaly work with SAP, into a better or not manner, with a better or not experience, and using a better or not practice.

Shall we proceed ?!?!

Ah, by the way, English it’s not my native language, so please correct me if i made huge mistakes.