Let’s talk a little bit about data from SAP report manipulation.

First of all, you need to run a report. For exemplification, I run MB51 for a certain period of time.

We will see a list of data (materials document in our case) and we need some basic data manipulation.

First of all, we may use “filter” button witch can be use to filter certain data.

Just click into header, onto one column we need to refine, click into “filter” and a new box, with available filter values appear. In our case, I open filter for movement type.

Here we may use also sort ascending, sort descending, total or subtotal.

To add or remove columns, we may use “variant” button, where we may add or remove columns, from available columns for that report.

In our case, MB51 report, we may use “detailed list” button to change report layout.

And we obtain a friendlier screen

This screen it is “build” for easy data manipulation and, (as we will discover later) for export to excel and play there with all this data.

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