Sometimes, you need to export data to local file.

Even if you need to export as a txt file (to import it somewhere else), or as a spreadsheet (for further data manipulation or reporting), you need it to export it.

So, let’s see how we may do that.

The simple way it is to export from ALV reports. Those reports are builded more or less as a spreadsheet. Most (if not all) of these reports have available a button, “local file” .

Just click it and a popup with available export formats appear

Click on the format you need, and an explorer popup appear. Here you may seth a path and a format to where the data will be saved

If you use F4, a standard “Save As” windows interface appear 😉



Some others reports don’t have “local file” button

On that case, we may use “List” menu> Export> Local file.

Click it and you have available most of the options presented before.

Some old SAP reports, coming from first version of SAP systems, don’t have either this option.

On that case, please take a look at “System” menu, List> Save> Local file.


If your report it’s downloadable, you may download data from here.

Also, another option, if available (some data are builded in order to prevent downloading), just right click on you report and see if “local file” it’s available.


Maybe you’ve notice that, into most available options, a “Spreadsheet” button appear. So, you may ask me “why you don’t just click it? It is easier!” The problem with that button it is that he is effective only if your basis team made proper configuration between SAP and Excel. From my experience, only maybe 30- 40% of SAP systems are proper configured to use that option.


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