Most of the time when we need a SAP report, we need multiple selections.

That means we need to select certain values, certain intervals or, we need to exclude certain values or certain intervals.

Let’s take a look about what we may use.

When we need to find report for certain value, in the selection box of the report we put that value into box 1

When we need to find report for certain interval, in the selection box of the report we put minimum value into box 1 and maximum value into box 2.

BUT when we need to select multiple intervals, or multiple values or, as I say before, to exclude certain values or intervals, we need other tool. That it’s “multiple values” box

If we click it, a new popup will be opened, who look like this one

Into “select single values” we may put multiple values here.

If we have all those values into external file (Excel table, for example), simple copy into Excel and into SAP screen click “upload from clipboard” button.

If you need logical values, use “Maintain Selection Option” button

And a logical value box will appear

After you use one of them, you know that it’s use, because into selection screen, logical sign appear

Same logic it’s applicable for ranges.

For exclusion the same logic it’s used, with the comment that the logical values are for, of course, exclusion

Of course, we have available “multiple selection” button,

If we click it, a selection list will appear, with checkboxes, where we may select one or more values. Those will be added into our selection for report (added or excluded, of course).

After we put our criterias, just hit Execute (F8).

Into our report, if we use this facility, we may see that “multiple selection” box become “Active”

For comparation, that means “inactive”

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