Let’s talk a little bit about help.

To access HELP for a field, just click that field and hit the yellow button with a question mark or just hit F1 key from keyboard.

This will open Performance Assistant and let you know some information about that field.
as for example, take a look at performance assistant for Material field, from MIGO Tcode.


Another very good trick it is “selection screen”.
Basically, when we have a list of values for a certain field, a small “list” button will appear on the right side of the field

If you click on it, or hit F4, a list with potential values will appear.

Some fields, with TOO MANY values into list, will open (if you hit F4) a selection screen, in order to restrain as much as possible length of that list, and allow you to quick find what you need.


Do not forget to let me know if you need something specific (I will try to discuss it before my agenda) and do not forget to hit “Donate” button 😉

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