Now, that we start to understand SAP screen and menu, let’s talk a little bit about some useful tricks.

I start with my favorite. Add transaction code to the screen.
Almost all SAP configurations don’t show, by default, transaction codes. Let’s take a look.

As you may see, the Tcode is missing. To make it appear, let’s do some “magic trick”.


And now check “display technical name”

Hit “Enter” or click on the green button, and now let’s take a look.

We will see that Tcode appear for each stransaction


Now, the second of my favorite setting.

Most (if not all) dropdown lists have keys. Those keys are extremely useful to transmit or receive clear instructions about what to do and how to do.

Let’s take a look at a MIGO Tcode, without keys for dropdown list

As you may see, dropdown list values don’t have keys.

Now, let’s see how we may activate them.

Customize layout> Options

Interaction design> Visualization 1 and check those 2 checkboxes


Now let’s take a look to the same MIGO Tcode

It’s a little bit different, right?

And a thing that I personally don’t use, but I’ve seen peoples who use it and find it useful. Start transaction. It is used especially when we need to run a Tcode at the moment of SAP logon. Or when you use only one Tcode (don’t laugh, such peoples exist and live among us.

From Extra> Set start transaction

A popup will be open and ask about start transaction (doh!). Fill it, hit Enter and… you have it! At next logon.

To change it or to skip it, simply follow same path, delete Tcode, hit Enter and voila! Standard SAP screen will be available at next logon.

Do not forget to let me know if you need something specific (I will try to discuss it before my agenda) and do not forget to hit “Donate” button 😉




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