Let’s discuss a little bit about SAP standard toolbar.

It is called „SAP standard toolbar” because appear on any SAP screen you will see.

Have following buttons.

  • Enter button. Can be clickable or can be replace by hitting „Enter” key on the keyboard.

  • Command field. Here you may enter manually SAP transaction codes.

Also, last 10 used transactions can be view by clicking the „down” arrow.

  • Close command field and open command field.

If it is clicked, will close command field, SAP standard toolbar will look like

You will see that “close command field” button has been replaced by “open command field” who will open (logically) the command field.

  • Save button. This button have 2 statuses, unusable and usable. As the name say, one can be used (first picture) and the second one can be used (or keyboard shortcut Ctrl+S).

  • Back button. This one have also 2 statuses, unusable and usable. The usable have keyboard shortcut F3

  • Exit or Log Off button. Keyboard shortcut Shift+F3. Will exit you from the screens without saving, or, into main screen, will log you off from the system

  • Cancel button. Have also 2 statuses, usable and unusable. When usable, keyboard section it is F12. Will cancel what you work without saving.

  • Print button. Keyboard shortcut Ctrl+P. Will print you what you see on the screen. Sometimes it is unusable.

  • Find button. Keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F. Will help you to find something into your screen. Sometimes it is unusable.

  • Find next button. Keyboard shortcut Ctrl+G. Will drive you to next finding, after you use Find button.

  • First page (Ctrl+page up on keyboard), Page up (page up on keyboard), Page down (page down on keyboard) and Last page (Ctrl+page down on keyboard) are navigational buttons. Will help you navigate into a list bigger that your screen. When there are not necessary, the buttons are unusable.

  • Create new session. As the name say, this button create a new session of SAP.

  • Generate a shortcut. As the name say, this will generate a shortcut of your screen. By default, location for this shortcut will be on the computer Desktop, but that can be change.

  • Help button (keyboard F1) will provide you a lot of information. If you select a field or a info and hit this button, a lot of info will come, even technical information. Very useful button.

  • Customize local layout (Alt+F12 on keyboard). Will help you to customize a lot of parameters and allow you the look of your SAP screens and not only. To be used with care!


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